Nature Connects was founded by me, Karen Boelhouwer after I came back from a 2,5 year trip through Europe with my camper van. The story started a few years earlier when I was doing my yoga teacher training in Spain. On one of the days we had to make a silent walk. In the beginning I was laughing, it felt like we were going to a funeral. The others in the group were pretty serious about it, so I gave it a serious go as well. Alone I went into the forest and arrived at the edge of a valley with massive green trees. Swallows were flying around me chasing mosquitos. I was standing there, just looking at them. It was a beautiful sight, but all of a sudden I felt really sad.

How is it possible that we got so disconnected from nature, ourselves and each other?

I thought about my life in the Netherlands, the speed with which I was living, constant impressions, constant noise, always busy and so many hours inside an office. It was intense. I experienced the beauty and tranquillity of the valley and at the same time I saw the busyness of the western world.

There and then I took a decision, I am going to take people back to nature and back to themselves. Step one, I had to start with myself…



To the outside world my life looked pretty good. I had a well-paid job, I pretended to care about my career and I had a busy social life. On the inside I knew my life was a compromise, it felt empty. I had put aside my passions and dreams, in the name of security, status and fear. I was living on automatic pilot and my life didn’t fulfil me. On the contrary, it took away a lot of my energy.

I was able to push myself a few more years, but then, against everyone’s advice, I took a radical decision and



I wanted to play and feel alive again. With my camper van I travelled through Europe. I windsurfed, spent time with Thich Nath Hanh (a meditation guru), did a Vipassana course (10 days with 10 hours of meditation), took part in shamanic ceremonies, met beautiful open minded people, became a mindfulness trainer, was snowboarding, taught yoga, spent lots of time in nature and read many books.

It was a life changing trip. I rediscovered who I am and I emerged with a new vision for my life. Nature, meditation and stillness were my greatest teachers. After the trip I decided to stay in the Netherland and I founded “Nature Connects”.



Nature Connects mission is to inspire people to live in a positive manner, to go into nature, explore the world, be adventurous, to connect with yourself and others and to truly live life.

I am looking forward to meeting you!