A few weeks ago we went to Terschelling for our Full Moon Winter Weekend. On Sunday we had a beach clean-up. In 2,5 hours we’ve picked up 125 kg (!) of trash from the beach. We picked up light bulbs, plastic bags, my little pony brushes, a fridge(?), fishing nets etc. The energy of the

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find a place where it is quiet. The world around us has become pretty loud and cluttered. Sometimes you may find yourself seeking for some silence. This might be a wise move as studies are showing that silence is much more important to your brains than you might think.

Hello Norway! A few months ago I (Kassiani) decided that, after 6 years, I needed a break from work. I wanted to travel and chose Norway as one of my destinations. I wanted to live amidst nature and enjoy long hikes in the mountains. In the beginning of September I made my way to the

Whether you choose to shoot with a smartphone or a sophisticated digital single lens reflex camera, takings pictures when traveling is a perfect way of making memories (and keeping them). With these 5 easy tips, you can take great pics while being respectful to nature and truly immersing yourself in your surroundings.

WHAT IS EARTH DAY? Earth day? Yes, every year on 22 April we are celebrating Earth day. It is celebrated all around the world in order to increase awareness among people about the environment. The aim is to encourage people to do things that will benefit the Earth, such as recycling more, using sustainable energy

During Easter, the Easter bunny, or the Easter hare brings baskets filled with coloured eggs. Ever wondered where this tradition came from? It turns out Easter actually began as a pagan festival celebrating spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Professor Carole Cusack from the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Sydney broke down some

Yep it is already snowing in the French mountains! Only a few more weeks before we are off to France for our snow trip. Are you still hesitating whether you should join or not? Here are 7 good reasons to go skiing/ snowboarding in January: 1. It is fun! Skiing/ snowboarding is a lot of