Marlies Nature ConnectsAs a young girl, I spent most of my time outside. With the dogs or on my small bicycle I was always exploring the neighbourhood. My first real hike I made with my family when we went to the beautiful Provence in France together. As a result, my love for nature started to grow.

My passion for nature has never left me. In my free time I love surfing the waves on my longboard or  ride the single tracks on my mountain bike. In 2009, I left the Netherlands for a year and went to Latin America where I undertook some strenuous hikes, especially in Huaraz – Peru. Back in The Netherlands, I realised how unique and beautiful Dutch nature actually is. Often we go far away to explore nature, but I started discovering Dutch national parks on foot.

Being a lecturer Research & Sustainable Tourism at the Inholland University for Applied Sciences, I also spend quite some time indoors. Whenever possible I’m going outside, into nature; enjoying the fresh air, the scenery, the sounds, the tranquillity. Nature makes me quiet and gives energy at the same time.

In 2018, I realised I wanted to share my passion for nature and I started working as a guide for Nature Connects. It’s the best job I have, taking people into nature and enjoying its beauty together. I am looking forward to seeing you at one of Nature Connects’ adventures! – Marlies –



Hiking, exploring, observing, scouting, smelling and listening. This is what I love doing when I am outdoors. It makes me feel alive and part of the ecosystem.

Nature has always played a prominent role in my life. As a child I grew up in the country side in Italy, surrounded by plants and animals. When I became an adult I decided I wanted to understand how the natural world works and I studied Forestry and Environmental Management. After my study I became an ecologist.

The most amazing thing of working for and in nature is that nature never stops surprizing me. I consider myself an extremely curious person who loves exploring new areas and discovering all that nature has to offer.

My second passion is sharing. I love to share what I know and I like to think I came to this world to reconnect people with their natural surroundings. Often when we think about nature, our imagination takes us to far away places. What if I tell you that the small patch of nature just around the corner is equally important, or maybe even more? I am looking forward to share my knowledge and passion for nature with you through Nature Connects’ adventures.  See you soon! – Giulia –