The day trips, mini connectors, are a taster for Nature Connects' large adventures


There is the same group of like minded people, the same awesome experiences. It is just on a slightly smaller scale and closer to home. But we’ll make sure you disconnect from city life and technology and reconnect with nature, yourself and the people around you. In short, it is the perfect way to get to know Nature Connects adventures.


Walk traditional Dutch landscape Haastrecht (15KM)

Join us for a beautiful walk in the Dutch polder landscape of South Holland. If you like a bit of adventure and you do not mind climbing fences, crossing narrow wooden bridges and walking through (soggy) meadows with sheep or cows, you will certainly enjoy this walk. The route takes you through the traditional Dutch landscape between Vlist and Haastrecht
16 February
MAX 20
kennemerduinen scottish highlander nature connects

Walk: Unplug in the Kennemerduinen (10-15km)

Come and explore the Kennemer Dunes with us. A precious National Park just 40 minutes from Amsterdam. Wander through the vast forest and dune area, be mesmerised by the idyllic Bird Lake and look out for deer, ‘wild’ horses and Scottish Highlanders. Wandering through the Kennemer Dunes almost feels like walking in a foreign country.
22 February
MAX 20

Walk: South Holland Dunes and WWII Atlantic Wall (15km)

The dunes of South Holland near Katwijk aan Zee are part of a beautiful area of sandy hills and woods. It is close to the big cities and yet vast and well preserved. An extensive network of paths takes us through coniferous woodlands and open dune fields with surprising views. The flora and fauna is typical for a semi-open dune landscape.
29 February
MAX 20

Full Moon Walk (A'damse Bos)

When the night falls a new world starts to wake up, join us for an exciting full moon journey in the Amsterdamse Bos. Listen to the landscape come alive with the yelps and rustlings of nocturnal creatures. Interacting with nature at night is a unique experience. Armed with torches we'll search for nocturnal animals. This walk is a great opportunity
6 March
MAX 20

Walk: Forest and heather of Bussum (14km)

We are going to explore two beautiful heather fields, the Bussumerheide and the Westerheide located between Bussum and Hilversum. Winding paths will take us through the forest until we reach the open heather fields. It is a wonderful and varied walk.
8 March
MAX 18

Walk: Unplug in the North Holland Dune Reserve (17KM)

The North Holland Dune Reserve, close to Amsterdam, is one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands. It is characterized by beautiful forests, sandy dunes with marram grass, small dune lakes, heather vegetation and various species of birds, butterflies, rabbits and squirrels. With some luck we might even encounter some highlander cows.  
14 March
MAX 20

Walk: Meijendel Spring Walk (15km)

Spring is in the air! Experience nature reserve Meijendel come into bloom, a true gem situated near Scheveningen and The Hague. Discover this vast and varied landscape with its sand dunes, irregular lakes, pine forests, wonderful oak trees and its open access to the sea. Enjoy the splendor of the first fresh green leaves that brighten up all the trees
22 March
Max. 10
Vos Amsterdamse Waterleiding duinen Nature Connects

Fox and deer excursion Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

This walk will take us deep into the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen in search of the deer and foxes that call the Waterleidingduinen their home. The deer and foxes that live here are special, they have lost their natural shyness and are very relaxed around humans. This makes them easier to spot and get close to. Seeing these incredible creatures in their
28 March
MAX 20
BACK IN 2020


Join us for a beautiful Canadian canoe adventure through the traditional 17th century landscape of Waterland just north of Amsterdam. Enjoy the lovely scenery and its total quietness while you paddle through the Dutch polder landscape with its charming small villages and ancient Dutch houses. A visit to this area is like stepping back in time.
15 September
MAX 22
BACK IN 2020


As dusk falls and armed with torches and a bat detector we are going on a bat hunt. While we search for these mysterious acrobats by sight, and listen for their clicks with the bat detector we’ll learn a lot about their habits. The bats use the Amsterdamse Bos as their home and hunting grounds and only after dusk they
20 September
MAX 20