28 March
MAX 20
1/2 DAY

Fox and deer excursion Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

This walk will take us deep into the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen in search of the deer and foxes that call the Waterleidingduinen their home. The deer and foxes that live here are special, they have lost their natural shyness and are very relaxed around humans. This makes them easier to spot and get close to. Seeing these incredible creatures in their beautiful habitat is an experience that will appeal to nature and wildlife lovers alike.

Remember that the foxes are wild animals and it’s hard to make a 100% guarantee that we see them. The dunes contain the largest population of fallow deer in The Netherlands, so we’ll most definitely see them. In general there is plenty to see and enjoy in the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen. The dunes are home to the cormorant, buzzard, rabbit and many other animals. Some rarely seen ducks from the northern countries love to spend their winter here.

We don’t have to stay on the footpath in this nature reserve, which gives our walk that little extra wilderness feeling.

Guided walk in the Waterleiding Duinen by Giulia. In case of emergency you can reach her at 06 4902 1110

Rain jacket, camera, something to eat/ drink, layers of clothing. We’ll have a break in the middle to eat something (food is not included).

In front of the entrance gate of the Waterleidingduinen “Zandvoortselaan” in Zandvoort (Zandvoortselaan 130, 2042 XC Zandvoort). You can take bus 80 bus stop Waterleiding/Nieuw Unicum. This is also where we end our excursion. You’ll have to pay a small entrance fee to enter the Waterleiding duinen: €1,50 per person (not included).
Please visit https://9292.nl for info about public transportation.

We are LEAVING at 11.15 and we finish around 16.00

All participants (members and their guests) on any of Nature Connects walks or activities are personally responsible for their own fitness, safety and welfare and must be equipped accordingly. Payments are non-refundable.