15 June
MAX 20
1/2 DAY

Hike & Trail Run (12km) Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen

We’re returning to the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen, this time for something different: a hike and trail run!

This is the idea: first 6 km walking (about 1 hr 15 min), then 6 km running (about 45 min). We won’t go fast, so everybody can keep up – it’s more about enjoying nature than about speed.

The Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen is a beautiful dune area that provides drinking water for Amsterdam. It is only a 30 minute drive west of the city. It contains the largest population of fallow deer in The Netherlands and they are not shy so we’ll definitely see some of them. The dunes are also home to the cormorant, buzzard, fox, rabbit and many other animals.

No cars and bikes are allowed in the Waterleidingduinen and you may go off-trail which is fun so we’ll do that here and there, including some sandy dune climbing 🙂

The planned hiking & running route (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CidneuRE53kkEcEKHalsemRghI8&usp=sharing) is a nice mix of wooded area’s, dunes and water canals and we’ll also pass some World War II bunkers in the sand.

We’ll start and finish at the (paid) parking place at the Oase entrance of the dunes in Vogelenzang. You’ll have to pay a small entrance fee for the dunes: €1,50 per person (not included).

Guided walk and trail run through the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen by Marc (phone number 06-24525136)
Not included entrance fee Waterleidingduinen (EUR 1,50)

Your running stuff, some water/food, a warm layer for the hike and a small backpack to carry it in during the run

In front of the access gate at the Oase entrance: 1e Leijweg 2, 2114 BH Vogelenzang. This is also where we end. There is (paid) parking space nearby. Have a look at https://9292.nl/ for info about public transportation

We are LEAVING at 14.00 and we finish around 16.00

All participants (members and their guests) on any of Nature Connects walks or activities are personally responsible for their own fitness, safety and welfare and must be equipped accordingly. Payments are non-refundable.